Organisational Structure

The Company Port Macquarie Hastings Legacy Club Ltd in line with its Constitution has a delegation policy.  The Delegation Policy has been established by the Board of Directors to set out matters reserved for determination of the Board and those matters delegated to management and Committees.  This policy has delegated policy devleopment to 5 sub-committees.

Appeals, Finance, Housing, Personnel & Welfare.



There are currently 24 active Legatee Volunteers and 3 paid part time staff.   Staff and Legatees all work closely together to meet the needs of our enrolled beneficiaries.



The Badge of Legacy symbolises in its torch the undying flame of service and sacrifice handed to us by our comrades in war who have passed on. In its wreath of laurel, with its points inverted in remembrance, is the guerdon of honour; that is the meed of those who gave their lives for their country.